The most advanced copper tailings treatment process of LONGZHONG

Copper tailings Dry discharge problems
With the depletion of high-grade copper ore resources, the efficient exploitation of copper tailings becomes more and more urgent. This paper briefly introduces the present situation and utilization suggestions of copper tailings resources in China, and expounds the technological route and latest research progress of copper tailings reutilization. The base of the analysis and summarization of the recycling technology of copper tailings resources, the variety of valence ions under different acidity, enrichment and separation of inorganic chemical wet beneficiation process is the most promising technology roadmap.
Due to the limitation of complexity and diversity of copper ore properties, processing technology and equipment, the copper tailings in the composition of the copper content is high or low, especially copper tailings produced in the planned economy period, the grade of copper tailings resources more than the average in the copper grade of the majority. Unused copper tailings not only cause waste of resources, but also pollute the environment. Therefore, on the theme of building a resource-saving and environment-friendly green mine today, it is of great economic and environmental significance to carry out the two Recycling Research of copper tailings and develop circular economy. And the demand for copper is about 40 times the amount of iron demand, so in the production of copper ore at the same time, the corresponding will produce large amounts of waste rock and tailings. Copper tailings dry row is of great significance for resource recovery and environmental protection of copper tailings.

copper mine tailings

2 solutions:
For effective recycling of available elements. Established copper tailings concentrator, copper tailings after flotation flotation machine processing, after a rough, two fine, three sweep of copper concentrate.
This shows: copper tailings recycling, economic benefits, for the environment is more far-reaching significance.
3. project
The longzong heavy machine has developed a forming copper tailings processing technology . The most important set in the system is dry tailings discharge process, the equipment in this system is: wear-resistant slurry pump,Longzhong XCI hydrocyclone, efficient multi frequency, multi cone sieve dehydration of high efficiency deep cone thickener, belt conveyor.
Most copper tailings (including sodium cyanide toxic substances and trace heavy metals) in the use of tailings row before treatment, with bleaching powder treatment. Avoid contamination and loss of precious metals.
Longzhong treatment on copper tailings solution is first placed in the longzhong multi frequency tailings dewatering screen dry tailings drainage system, water purification after dehydration after the return to the system using, this process will reduce the use of bleaching powder, recovery of residual copper and other heavy metals.
4. tailings dry discharge efficiency
After the treatment of copper copper tailings tailings after treatment, the metal can be obtained in the recovery, dry ore can be used as building materials, production of cement, stone, ceramic, and so on, it can obtain high economic benefit, but also to protect the environment.
1, based on the copper tailings comprehensive physical and chemical analysis, the copper tailings re-election the tailings which contains valuable components.
2, the copper tail sorting, preparation with high added value of the structure or functional materials. According to the characteristics of high silicon copper tailings has good performance of the proposed by vitrification, technical routes of copper tailing grade decorative glass melting. The decorative glass prepared good performance, but also can use a large amount of tailings, has the advantages of low cost and high added value of product characteristics, to turning waste into effect.
3, copper tailings for the preparation of building materials.
4, The copper tailings are used as industrial waste residue to fill the mined out area in the mine to recover the landform of the mined out area.

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