Goals and Principles

"Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow." Longzhong has always adhered to the social development.Long believed that the development and progress of society cannot do without the efforts of enterprises. Only when the enterprises take the initiative to assume the social responsibility of economic development, social insurance, cultural education and environmental protection, the progress of social civilization can achieve sustainable development.

In the constant pursuit of technological innovation today,Longzhong always adhere to protect the environment as our original starting point , from the beginning, focusing on efficient and environmental protection equipment R & D and production. How to reduce energy consumption and environmental pollution, improve resource utilization, the pursuit of business growth and social harmony and sustainable development.


Develop green and environment industry

Longzhong pointed out that the innovation and development of ideas and mode of development, adhere to the development, in the development of protection in the protection of resources and environment, strengthen the constraints such as indicators of the transfer and adjustment of structure effect, technological transformation of enterprises to promote energy efficient as the focus, accelerate the elimination of pollution equipment, vigorously develop the green industry and environmental protection industry. To achieve the unity of economic benefits and environmental benefits.

Strengthen supervision and management

  • To guide the staff to strictly abide by the green production, and start during the daily work, so that the production process is more environmentally friendly.
  • With long-term development as the guide, guide the development of green equipment, the development of more environmentally friendly green equipment, and promote the development of green industry.

Raising environmental awareness

  • In addition to strict supervision mechanism, Longzhong also stressed the environmental awareness of its own staff , regular discussion of product technology, encourage environmental technology innovation.
  • Constantly improve the production process, improve the acceptability of products, so as to realize the environmental protection and energy saving products.
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