Longzhong slime screen send to Mississippi International Water Co., Ltd.

At present, two TS1530 slime screen from Luoyang Longzhong Heavy Machinery Co.,Ltd. That ordered by the Mississippi International Water Co., Ltd. have been ready, waiting for loading.

The international water (China) Co. Ltd. Is established by the Mississippi (USA) International Water Company and Zhejiang zhonghe electromechanical Limited in Chinese, headquartered in Hangzhou. Mississippi (USA) International Water Service Company headquartered in New York, the years in the coal chemical industry, water chemistry, bio energy, bio organic carbon, thermal engineering, environmental engineering, machinery manufacturing, soil and fertilizer science, cross industry, cross research disciplines, the development of active coke sewage filter adsorptive purification method.

The international Water Service Company engaged in the study of purification of sewage in urgent need of dewatering screen, after querying dewatering screen manufacturers online, and compared, finally chose the Longzhong Heavy Minery fine sand recovery machine manufacturers dewatering screen.

The screen area of Mississippi ordered two sets of coal slime dewatering sieve is 4.5 square meters, the power is 3*2kw, processing capacity of 100-120m /h fand feed size less than or equal to 10mm, weight 3.2T, size 3300*1800*800mm, dehydration sieve is the most processing capacity in the dewatering screen.

Longzhong heavy dewatering screen using the most advanced technology of the highest quality materials, has the advantage of technology and performance advantages of this machine There is nothing comparable to this, with large capacity, high screening precision, good dehydration effect, convenient operation, low energy consumption, the advantages of small area occupation, low investment cost, this is also the Mississippi international Water Service Company value the biggest reason for longzhong dewatering screen.

Longzhong Heavy Machinery sand recycling machine manufacturers to remind the majority of customers in the purchase contract signed with the manufacturers, we must carefully check the details of the contract have no problem, in order to avoid any dispute after work.



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