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Mobile Slurry treatment Station

This mobile slurry treatment station has the characteristics of high production efficiency, excellent working effect.

LZYN-1020 mobile sludge treatment station can be used in construction piling site, the dredging operation of river and lake and dredging of urban sewer and other industries, which has many advantages, such as high efficiency, excellent working effect, using convenience and flexible, can meet various demands in different environment, especially in drilling perfusion pile foundation engineering, underground continuous wall, tunnel mud water shield, underground excavation and other construction field.



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1.application: piling mud, river dredging, sewage dredging and other sludge drying treatment operations


2. capacity: 120m3/h


3. vibration motor: 2.2Kw*2, speed 960r/min


4. high pressure separator: FX250*2


5.pumps and motors: centrifugal slurry pump GMZ80-20-120 (4/3), 22Kw motor, speed 1470r/min


6. sieve hole: upper sieve plate 0.16mm, lower sieve plate 5mm


7.sieve plate area: the upper sieve plate 1000X1700mm, the lower plate 1000X2000mm


8. sieve plate material: imported polyurethane


9. Damping element: high quality rubber spring


10.feed pipe caliber: DN150


11.outlet pipe diameter: DN150


12. size: 4640X2050X1800mm


13. weight: about 3300kg