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Low investment, significant economic benefits

LZ series waste water purification system has improved the structure of internal inlet on the basis of the traditional vertical sedimentation equipment, which has greatly promote the efficiency of the precipitation.

Purified water could be used for production line and confirm the national standards

With many years involved in the sand washing industry, we found that lots of sand washing waste water are discharged without processing and recycling, which seriously damage the river, mountain, city, village water systems.After five years’ research and development, we designed a leading international rapid waste water purification system.


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Model Capacity (t/h) Height  (mm) Volume (m³) Weight (kg) Overall Size (mm)
S3040 <50 3000*4000 35 7800 3600*3600*8860
S3060 50-100 3000*6000 50 9000 3600*3600*10860
S6030 100-150 6000*3000 100 11000 6600*6600*9400
S6040 150-200 6000*4000 130 14000 6600*6600*10400
S6050 200-250 6000*5000 160 17000 6600*6600*11400