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XS sand washing & dewatering machine

Multiple function:washing, screening and dewatering

For the existing artificial sand making production line, no matter which kinds of sand washer used, its products always contain a large amount of water, but most of their customers require dry sand. In order to solve this problem, our company successfully developed XS sand washing and de-watering all-in-one machine, which blends washing and dehydration and perfectly solved the above problem.

Economical and utility in sand processing plant

The machine is installed in reinforced concrete. The user to create a concrete tank beside the machine processing wastewater. Wastewater can be reused after precipitation. These technologies not only meet the requirements of environmental protection, also reduce the cost of sand.


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Model Power (kw) Feed size (mm) Production (t/h) Weight (kg) Overall Dimension (L*W*H)(mm)
XS1026 9.9 ≤10 30-50 5180 6022*2150*2730
XS1630 19.4 ≤10 50-120 7300 7200*2900*3070
XS2036 24.5 ≤10 120-180 9450 7200*3000*3600